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What's Nakatsugawa like?

Nakatsugawa-city is located southeast of Gifu prefecture , takes about 1 hour from Nagoya by JR Line.

The area around Nakatsugawa was part of traditional Mino Province. During the Edo period, much of the area was under the control of Owari Domain, Naegi Domain and Iwamura Domain, or was tenryo under direction control of the Tokugawa shogun ate. Nakatsugawa-juku prospered as one of the 69 Stations of the Nakasendō along the Nakasendo highway connecting Edo with Kyoto.

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Recently many tourists enjoyed Nakasendo Trail from Nakatsugawa-juku through Ochiai-juku and Magome-juku to Tsumago-juku.

And there are many recommended spots and experiences such as Naegi Castle Ruins ,Tsukechi Gorge, Japanese cultural activities.

What's Nakasendo?

The Nakasendo was a major highway, infrastructure built and maintained after the 17th century by local daimyo(feudal lords) to enable the flow of administrators and retinues between the emperor's capital(now Kyoto) and the shogun's capital(now Tokyo). As such, the road witnessed many great processions.To accommodate the travelers, at locations a day's walk apart,post towns grew up along the road. Here , weary travelers could rest and recuperate and replenish their strength for the next day ahead. Magome-juku developed as one of these post towns.This location with great views was nurtured by the cultural richness of those who passed through.Set among natural surroundings , having played host to many travelers through the centuries , the welcoming buildings of Magome-juku still breathe with the life of bygone days. why not accept this invitation to the warm glow of history and get a feel for how life used to be. Wouldn't you like walk in primal scenes of Japan?


Travel Tips

Nakasendo Trail Map

This brochure guides Nakasendo from Nakatsugawa station to Tsumago-juku.

If you go to Nagiso station from Tsumago-juku , you should use a bus.

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Accomodation Information

You can look for hotels you like in this brochure.

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