Post Town Ochiai-juku



Ochiai-juku is the 44th post town from Nihonbashi in Tokyo along the Nakasendo. Generally, a honjin (an official inn for feudal lords and court nobles) was located at each post station during the edo period(1603~1867). There are few existing honjins and the honjin in Ochiai-juku is one of them. It is opened to be viewed by the public every Sunday. *Closed until May 31th due to COVID-19.

Ochiai Honjin
Ochiai Stone Pavement

This stone pavement is designed as a national historic site on February 22, 2010. The total length of the pavement is 840 meter and 70-meter road remains as it was hundreds of years ago.The moss-covered pavement was very beautiful. Surrounded by forest, walking can be therapeutic. 【Cultural Experineces in Ochiai-juku】 You can experience Japanese cultural experiences at three temples. (3,500 yen per person per program)

・Zen Meditation in Zenshoji Temple

・Calligraphy in Koufukuji Temple

・Tea Making in Iouji Temple If you require any further information, feel free to ask through e-mail. (